From the original makers of “The Gift of Nothing” comes Something!
For those who are looking for a little more than nothing! This is the perfect Something that won’t soon be forgotten!
This gift will give them Something to talk about!
Perfect gag gift for the one who already got Nothing. What an added bonus to the Nothing they already possess.
Packaged in a plastic clam shell similar to Gift of Nothing, ver. 2.0.

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Congratulations! You have been given something that you won't soon forget. This really is something. There's something in it for you. At least this is something to talk about. It's Something that will remind you just how much I care. You have been looking your whole life for something different.

I think you're onto Something.



Something is better than nothing.
I got you a little Something.
This is Something you'll never forget!

Creative, Humorous, Memorable gag gift!!


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