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List of Holidays and Events to give gifts

by | Jul 10, 2023

The Complete List of Holidays and Events to give gifts

  1. Birthdays
  2. Weddings
  3. Anniversaries
  4. Baby showers
  5. Bridal showers
  6. Graduations
  7. Promotions
  8. Retirement
  9. Housewarming
  10. New job
  11. Valentine’s Day
  12. Mother’s Day
  13. Father’s Day
  14. Christmas
  15. Hanukkah
  16. Easter
  17. Thanksgiving
  18. New Year’s Eve
  19. Baptisms
  20. Confirmations
  21. First communions
  22. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  23. Quinceañeras
  24. Sweet sixteen birthdays
  25. Holidays (e.g., Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day)
  26. Sympathy/Condolences
  27. Get well soon
  28. Thank you
  29. Just because
  30. Apology
  31. Friendship Day
  32. Teacher Appreciation Day
  33. Boss’s Day
  34. Administrative Professionals Day
  35. Graduation from college or university
  36. Moving to a new city or country
  37. Retirement from a long-time job
  38. Birth of a child
  39. Engagement
  40. Divorce (to show support)
  41. First day of a new job or school
  42. Accomplishments (e.g., winning an award, completing a marathon)
  43. National holidays (e.g., Veterans Day, Memorial Day)
  44. Family reunions or gatherings
  45. Religious festivals and celebrations (e.g., Diwali, Ramadan, Christmas)

It’s great fun to give gifts, and you don’t really need a reason. It helps to know when there are actual events so that you don’t forget so we compiled specific types of events here for you. Make sure you remember to have lots of fun finding gifts and seeing the joy your presents bring to the recipients.


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