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Gift Of Nothing Review

Review by a Customer:

Brent: Hey, my name is Brent, and I thought I’d just quickly share with you the time I gave my wife the gift of nothing for her birthday. And that’s a true story. You can go on Amazon and they kept this great gag gift called the gift of nothing. And it comes in sturdy, molded plastic. It’s a card and it literally tells the recipient that you just gave them absolutely nothing.

Make sure to tell them not to expect much before they open the package. But anyway, I did end up giving my wife of course some flowers and tickets to opera. And we went out for dinner and all of that stuff was great. But I started first by giving her the gift of nothing. And thankfully, she’s got a great sense of humor, but if you’ve got somebody you want to play a joke on, or you want to get a gag gift for, I recommend you check it out, the gift of nothing and you can find it on Amazon.