You should check out these hilarious gifts. They are perfect for any time you need to gift a gift and want to bring a smile. You might want to lighten the mood before you give a real gift, or this might be the perfect substitute if you really don’t know what else to get and this is it. This is always a great gift.


Gift Of Nothing Review

Review by a Customer:

Brent: Hey, my name is Brent, and I thought I’d just quickly share with you the time I gave my wife the gift of nothing for her birthday. And that’s a true story. You can go on Amazon and they kept this great gag gift called the gift of nothing. And it comes in sturdy, molded plastic. It’s a card and it literally tells the recipient that you just gave them absolutely nothing.

Make sure to tell them not to expect much before they open the package. But anyway, I did end up giving my wife of course some flowers and tickets to opera. And we went out for dinner and all of that stuff was great. But I started first by giving her the gift of nothing. And thankfully, she’s got a great sense of humor, but if you’ve got somebody you want to play a joke on, or you want to get a gag gift for, I recommend you check it out, the gift of nothing and you can find it on Amazon.

The hilarious Copyrighted, Made in USA Gift of NOTHING. Nothing is better! Nothing will make you happy. Nothing. Nothing really is the best ever. It’s the hilarious gag gift that you should get for everyone or anyone on your list for Christmas! 

Great gag gift for dad’s who love dad jokes, mom’s who say they want nothing for Christmas and hard to shop for siblings or relatives. It’s really nothing. Also makes a great White Elephant gift, stocking-stuffer, or cute gift any time. 

Nothing says I love you better than nothing.

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